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About Us

Our Vision

We believe our schools should be vibrant, friendly places where the children are at the heart of everything we do.

We believe in teaching skills, sharing knowledge and building special memories that children will take with them through the rest of their lives.

We believe that through inspirational teaching, determination, a lot of love and a lot of laughter, the children in our schools can achieve their greatest potential, regardless of their starting points in life.

We believe in teaching, modelling values and preparing them for life in the 21st Century and modern Britain, whilst becoming part of a global community.  We believe that in doing so we will give them a solid foundation for their future.


Our Aim

The Blue Kite Academy Trust aims to be a leading trust in the region.

We will need to be big enough to be financially strong and be able to offer a range of high-quality services but not so big that we are unable to know our schools well.

We will be of a size that we can develop a strong, cohesive culture and a sense of teamwork and family. To achieve this, we will foster a culture of quality and excellence amongst our schools underpinned by robust evidence-based systems of quality assurance and  a progressive programme of professional development whilst retaining the unique ethos of individual schools.


Our Values

  • Everything we do has the overall well-being of our children at its core. Socially, emotionally, academically. We believe that we should take care of our children, so that they not only feel safe but are inspired to learn.

  • We will have integrity in all we do, we will be open and honest, creating a climate of mutual respect.

  • We believe in working together we can become stronger than the sum of our parts.

  • We believe in having the highest expectations of our pupils and for our staff. We give our best for them to achieve their potential and we do not limit anyone’s aspirations.

  • We believe in being creative and taking risks with education. To push boundaries and find the most effective ways for children to learn. If it excites us as teachers to teach, then it will excite the pupils to learn.

  • We believe that our schools and our Trust should be the best employers we can be. We develop our staff and will be considerate of their well-being.

  • We will value and celebrate diversity, through our staff, our pupils and our school communities.

Integrity. Quality. Creativity. Care.

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